Young People Rise Up

2020 will not blind our vision we young people are still on a mission To fight covid with solid precision and rise up against the battle we’re given We must follow the guidelines and not fall on the sidelines We must be patient in lines and pray for those on the frontline Covid is just […]

Trying Times

These are trying times with senseless crimes and empowered minds fighting injustice against humankind These are trying times of just getting by and voices seeking to amplify These are trying times as the system classifies and the media try to deceive our eyes These are trying times with poverty on the rise and with time […]

Virtual Reality

Every morning the sound of our alarm Creates a virtual reality to keep us calm And to  shield our sanity,preventing self harm At Least that’s what we think When we’re on the brink of another reality A reality that consumes our mind and changes our identity Gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow Not knowing […]


The horizon looks like the end But is only the beginning Therefore time is an infinite loop We cannot comprehend Time is life and death The observer of our every step Time is a great pretender A healer and a clueless destroyer An oppressor who makes you surrender When you battle the hands of the […]

Naked Sky

The night is here again,so young and beautiful Reminds me of myself As I step out and the stars smile at me I inhale the sins of the world And exhale the benefits and consequences I forgive myself then God does the rest I was dressed to impress But deep down still a little depressed […]