She Knows

She knows, she knows me a little too well.

Ever since she cracked my shell,

there isn’t a thing she can’t tell.

she captures our moments,

and traps them in her book of spells.

It’s scary and dangerous,

how she can see right through me.

How i’m so transparent in her eyes.

We’re so much a like,

our emotions are never in disguise.

If i’m happy she knows.

If i’m secretive she knows.

If my thoughts are burying me, she knows.

Yet still i love being right under her nose.


3 thoughts on “She Knows

  1. You might never ever feel all the love she has to give
    But I hope you realized that she is your will to live?
    ‘Cause love is such a sweet, sweet thing
    When you are right under the one whom you love
    Your love experience is heightened
    It is so beautiful you could even taste in on your lip.

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