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Greetings Fans and bloggers around the globe, It’s me the Poetic the Sage. I would like to thank all my followers for supporting my poetry blog since i started last year. It has been a great experience on WordPress and your support motivated me to write more and improve as well. I will continue to […]

With You

The world is crashing while i’m with you while i’m still getting to know you in the midst of rain, thunder and lightning your love continues to shelter me and nurture me for this thing called life You’re so angelic and magnificent you make our heartbeats equivalent and together we’re one instrument making the rain […]

Trying Times

These are trying times with senseless crimes and empowered minds fighting injustice against humankind These are trying times of just getting by and voices seeking to amplify These are trying times as the system classifies and the media try to deceive our eyes These are trying times with poverty on the rise and with time […]