Rich Soil

The cost of living placed a price on my destiny

The root of evil, laughs at my misery

A poor man that’s how they label me

Therefore i know they will never envy me

When it rains it pours to quench

A poor man’s thirst

Life or death, whichever comes first.

But still i knock on heavens door

because the stars don’t grant wishes no more

These men walk passed me, 

With their pockets obese

Oh how i wish i could join the feast

Instead I clenched my fists

Angry at the world

For feeding me the scraps, i don’t deserve

But it’s alright, I will do what I can

I will die poor,buried in the sand

But one thing i know, 

The soil is always richer than man

3 thoughts on “Rich Soil

  1. I got chills reading your poems. They are so deep! Love them all. They made me smile…They made me cry. I used to write too. Started in the 5th grade and kept on till I became a young adult. I am not so young anymore. I haven’t written anything ‘deep’ like that in years; however, I compose for the young ones I teach, and nurture their skills, and encourage their expression. You have a gift in more ways than one. Not only is your writing ‘deep’ but it is a escape…that the Lord has blessed you with to be “You” and to touch…and even save others. Keep writing son. Blessings. Can’t wait to read that book you will one day publish.

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