Life as we know it

Life is a moving cloud that you gaze upon as you make it through the crowd it’s that rain drop that saved your dying crop because you prayed so loud life is that 30 minutes you’re stuck in traffic and you see how valuable time is it’s that smile you wear when you pass your […]



She only comes around for Christmas that’s when she truly blossoms hypnotizing me with her green and red dress and beautiful maroon jewels She brings me so much joy and makes the whole Caribbean smile her beauty is unmatched and i’m sad she’s only here for a while she’s even sweeter to everyone together with […]

Young People Rise Up

2020 will not blind our vision we young people are still on a mission To fight covid with solid precision and rise up against the battle we’re given We must follow the guidelines and not fall on the sidelines We must be patient in lines and pray for those on the frontline Covid is just […]

With You

The world is crashing while i’m with you while i’m still getting to know you in the midst of rain, thunder and lightning your love continues to shelter me and nurture me for this thing called life You’re so angelic and magnificent you make our heartbeats equivalent and together we’re one instrument making the rain […]

Trying Times

These are trying times with senseless crimes and empowered minds fighting injustice against humankind These are trying times of just getting by and voices seeking to amplify These are trying times as the system classifies and the media try to deceive our eyes These are trying times with poverty on the rise and with time […]

Lazy Pen

If my mind is lazy, so is my pen. A cloud of laziness consumes my thoughts, and a search for my talent begins again. How could i leave my paper empty for so long? Killing the connection that made my words so strong. My pen is ready for creation, but my mind is drifting. Moods […]