Virtual Reality

Every morning the sound of our alarm

Creates a virtual reality to keep us calm

And to  shield our sanity,preventing self harm

At Least that’s what we think

When we’re on the brink of another reality

A reality that consumes our mind and changes our identity

Gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow

Not knowing how much more time we can borrow

A reality that makes us live a fast life in slow motion

Because the thoughts of man keep moving like the ocean

We log into this reality and contract a virus

A virus that spreads and prevent us from logging off

We become addicted the more it spreads

And ignore the cure because we want more trends

Life seems to be easier,our fingertips admire the power and control

But the virtual world is thriving while the real world is dying 

Every connection disconnects some part of our soul

While the bulb shines brighter,the sun burns brighter

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