The Corona Chronicles part 3

An intrigued Danny went back in the living room to sit down and contemplate what he just heard. He looked at Rachel and Joey suspiciously as they came back to the living room. “Are you alright Dan, said Joey. You seem a little lost in thought.” “Everything is perfect, the fresh air did me well, he replied. Tim is still outside looking for inspiration for his next book.”

Danny kept waiting for Rachel and Joey to tell him about getting tested. While they listened to the radio, Danny pretended to read a newspaper. The ticking sound of the clock and depressing news on the radio made him a bit uneasy. He just came from outside but still felt very hot. Rachel and Joey were pleased about the implementation of stimulus packages as they kept themselves informed via radio.

“So Danny we were thinking of getting ourselves tested on Monday,” Joey remarked. “Ahh you don’t say, Danny replied as he puts down the newspaper. Interesting and not a bad idea but I why so worried all of a sudden. You ignored me when I told you to sanitize your hands.” “It’s a great idea and I apologize about earlier,said Joey. We all interact with a lot of people you know, I’m just curious.”

” I don’t see any of us showing the symptoms, no need to panic,” implied Danny. “We can show no symptoms and still have it, Rachel added. It takes 14 days to develop.” Danny quickly became agitated. “As far as I’m concerned if anyone has to get tested it’s you Rachel, he retorted. You’re more exposed to it than any of us, even you being here is dangerous. Rachel looked down in guilt, feeling distressed.

Joey looked at Danny furiously. “That’s enough I’ve had it with your attitude, he said. You’ve been really harsh and off ever since you got here.”

“It’s okay Rachel said with a sigh. She attempted to cool them down. “Maybe he is right Joey, I should have stayed home alone.” Danny claps with a smile. “See that wasn’t hard to admit.” He tries to stand up but loses his balance and almost fell. Rachel and Joey stare in wonder. They noticed that he was sweating more than anyone else. “Let me take your temperature Danny,” Rachel remarked. Danny disagreed and was convinced he was fine and it was the hot atmosphere that got to him. “Guys relax I’m perfectly fine,” as he sneezed three times into his shirt. Rachel and Joey backed away a bit. “I think he has it,” Joey whispered to Rachel. She nodded her head in agreement.

” I tried to protect y’all, cried Danny. I’m sorry, I was too scared. I contacted a few tourist from England a couple weeks back. We went on a island tour and one of them may have had Corona.” Danny became dizzy and started to sway. His friends watched in great shock.

Suddenly Tim rushes inside and shouts, ” Guys I figured out a good plot for my story! What about a story about a group of friends and one of them secretly suffers from Covid 19. Danny slowly faints to the floor and the three friends rush to assist him.


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