Oh Corona…

Oh Corona, out of nowhere you were born.

Born to wreck havoc on us all.

Infecting us one by one,

Waiting for mankind to fall.

To fall into a deep hole of despair.

As we inhale the poison in the air.

You are notorious, travelling the world claiming fame.

So that this generation will remember your name.

You are greater than any War or Hurricane.

All you cause is heartache and pain.

Everyday we wash our hands ,

but forget to wash our sins away.

We maintain social distance to hold up a resistance,

but we require our basic needs day after day.

We’re trapped in quarantine learning your ways of discipline.

Wondering if there will ever be a vaccine to make the sick clean.

Oh Corona this year leaped right into your hands,

and you took lives with every command.

Mankind remains strong with their masks on.

Corona we will make you run, the blue sky we look upon.

Get lost, disappear , be gone.


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