The Corona Chronicles part 2

Joey rushed to the door and welcomed his friends in. They all had their masks and gloves on. He assisted them with their shopping bags and told them have a seat. They described the town as a hectic jungle. “Alright guys you know the rules wash your hands immediately,” ordered Danny. “Why it’s good to see you too Danny,” Rachel responded. “Yes it’s good to have the old gang reunited again,” Tim added.

Rachel is a Doctor and brought more masks and sanitizers for her friends. Tim is a English teacher and is affected by the pandemic just like Danny. In addition he is currently working on a book about the Covid 19. His Quarantine time was mostly spent on writing and coming up with new creative ideas.

In the space of three hours the four friends watched a thriller movie, played board games and ate snacks. It was about 5pm, the clouds covered the sun and the wind blew swiftly. Danny and Tim went outside to stretch their muscles and catch some fresh air. Meantime Joey and Rachel went and clean the kitchen. “So how are things at work Rachel,” said Joey. “Real tough,” she replied. This is my first break from work in a while. “Everyday people are dying it’s just so heartbreaking and depressing. Everyday there is a new case or a suspected one and I’m always on my toes checking patients. It’s a big risk dealing with all these people at once. The funny thing is I haven’t been tested for Covid 19 yet.” Joey shaked his head in anxiety. “I know it’s a living hell out there, much respect to you and everyone else taking a risk.”

“I want us all to get tested Joey, first thing Monday morning,” implied Rachel. “I couldn’t agree more, said Joey. We need to know where we stand.” Meanwhile an eavesdropping Danny overheard the entire conversation while returning to the kitchen.


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