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Greetings Fans and bloggers around the globe, It’s me the Poetic the Sage. I would like to thank all my followers for supporting my poetry blog since i started last year. It has been a great experience on WordPress and your support motivated me to write more and improve as well. I will continue to work hard on my writing skills, it’s just the beginning i promise. If you’re new to my blog welcome and hope you enjoy my content.

So a couple days ago i made a Youtube channel called Ozone Media. I’m going to use this platform to connect with my Wordpess audience even more. On this channel you’ll enter the realm of poetry, food, adventure and culture in my home land. You will get to know me a little better as i will be doing more spoken words. I’m super excited for this new initiative moving forward and i will be working with WordPress, Facebook and Youtube to grow my audience. Follow me on different platforms and let’s spread some positive poetry across the world. The name of my Facebook page is called Owen’s poetry.

Youtube Channel:

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