Infinite Lies

Sometimes the truth will set you free

Or put you in a cage without a key

But you have to let it be

Because lies don’t fall far from the tree

When they fall we try to catch them

And use them as a shield

Because the truth hurts like bullets

The ones faced on battlefields

Lies are swords we wield

When we can’t reveal how we feel

To slay the monster we call the truth

And watch innocent blood be spilled

One lie breeds a thousand more

Only to kill one truth

So one truth dies a thousand deaths

Only to resurrect in the war of regrets


3 thoughts on “Infinite Lies

  1. Your poetry is interesting. I just got done being a high school English teacher; I’d have been proud to have you as a student. Keep writing. The metaphors swirling around truth and lies and war were intriguing. I’ll be reading you.

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