The Corona Chronicles Part 1

“What a stupid year it’s turning out to be,” said Danny in frustration. He was becoming more agitated by the second and was ready to rip his hair out. His friend Joey poured him a hot cup of ginger tea to calm him down. “Relax everything will be alright eventually,” said Joey calmly. Joey handed the cup of tea to Danny. “That’s easy for you to say,” Danny replied. “You still have your job and I don’t. This virus came out of nowhere and destroyed my life. Now I’m hungry and at your place sipping tea.”

Joey looked to the ceiling and then faced Danny. “You know a lot of people are suffering more than you, atleast you have real friends to see you through this,” implied Joey. “Speaking of friends, the others should be here any minute from now.” The group of friends decided to kill some quarantine time at Joey’s place this weekend.

Joey lived in a big house on the outskirts of town and came from a rich family. He is a humble and kind hearted business man. Danny is Joey’s stubborn friend from college and is currently unemployed due to the Corona pandemic. He was a taxi driver but the pandemic severely impacted the tourism industry. The two patiently waited for their friends Tim and Rachel.

“Joey set me up with another cup of Ginger tea and sanitize your hands this time. For all we know you could have the virus,” said Danny. Joey sighed and fetched him another cup of tea but didn’t bother to sanitize his hands. Danny was slowly getting on his nerves. “I can’t believe you didn’t sanitize your hands,” said Danny angrily. “Basic guidelines and you can’t even follow them. From now on stand 3 feet away from me and I will get my own tea.”

Joey took a deep breath and remained cool. Danny wasn’t being himself at all. Before Joey could say anything a few knocks on the door interrupted a heated moment.

To be continued…


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