A Halloween Special. (The Woods)

“Help!!” I shouted as I limped back to the campfire with my clothes covered in blood.

“There is someone out there and i got attacked,”  I explained.

“They got vince!” I cried.

My friends Brad,Rachel and Stacy stood in shock.

The clouds covered the moon and darkness consumed the night

And my friends trembled in fright.

An ominous wind blew and outed the fire.

Brad immediately turned on his flashlight

And said “we have to call it a night and get out of here.”

Rachel and stacy nodded their heads  in fear

And came to my assistance as I suffered on the ground

Gasping for breath.

Rachel who was a nurse in training searched for my wounds

While Brad packed our stuff

“I can’t believe this is happening,” stacy cried.

She and Vince were getting close and was hurting the most.

“I can’t seem to find your wounds,” Rachel busted out.

“I’m wearing too much clothing but I’m hurt,” I replied.

“I know my way around the woods the best,” I added.

My friends agreed that I showed them the way around the woods

But Brad will lead the way. Rachel and Stacy assisted me in walking.

“This way” i said quietly.

It seemed I was getting weaker and weaker and my body gave up.

I fell and my weight threw rachel and stacy to the ground.

The surface below us collapsed and we fell into a deep ditch.

Stacy fainted from impact and rachel and i were barely fine.

Brad turned around, dropped his bag and came by the ditch with his flashlight.

It was so deep he could barely see us.

“Please tell me you guys are okay,” he shouted.

“We’re good but stacy fainted,” I replied.

Suddenly rachel started screaming at the top of her lungs

She realized that it was vince body underneath her 

And it  softened her fall. We both panicked in great fear

Brad quickly went for rope from his bag

And tossed it down for us to escape.

“ Rachel i will climb up first ok.”

“You will help me.”  I said in a strange voice.

“We will come back for stacy.”

I removed my coat and gently climbed up

With the little light rachel could see she realized something.

“Oh no!” she shouted.

“Brad !!!” he is the killer. “He set this whole thing up.”

“He has no wounds!!”

But it was too late I reached the surfaced ,

Punched brad in his face and kicked him down the ditch.

“I’m sorry guys once a killer always a killer,” I said  evilly.

And the wind blew the clouds away revealing the moon.

Brad and Rachel finally saw the real me, a cold blooded murderer.

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