I’m black, always under attack

It’s dark and i’m cruising

Staying on the right track

Listening to kendrick lamar

Everything is alright

But here comes a police car

Speeding behind with bright lights

Alerting me to stop

Hope it’s not my hip hop

I pulled over and turned it off

And here comes a white cop

I pray to god he doesn’t go off

They never seem to get enough

Is there a problem officer?

He just gave me a stare

My skin blended with the night

So he turned on his flashlight

Where is the weed?

Where is the crack?

Yow man don’t’ play me like that

I’m clean and unarmed, just cruising 

Way below the speed limit

Your pocket whats in it

Just money, my phone  and i’m legit

Step out the vehicle sir

I stayed silent and went with it

Put your hands behind your head

In my mind  i’m like curse these feds

My phone started vibrating

And this cop started shaking

Don’t panic I’m unarmed it’s just my phone

Freeze, don’t move 

He pulled out his pistol

Shot me in cold blood

I layed down flat and he called for backup

I stared at the stars and my eyes blinked with the sirens

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