From the shore i admire your body of water

As you kept waving and creeping closer to me

The shimmering waters seduced my eyes

And the sand beneath my feet got hotter

Temptation was burning my feet

And it was time to test the waves

I only pointed the tip of my board 

And you pulled me closer, 

As I gently stroked the water

I stood up straight and kept my balance

But kept moving up and down and side to side

All the nerves are fighting on the inside

Yet still I could ride the waves just fine

The sunlight sprinkled on your face

And you started to smile and blush

Making so much noise and i can’t tell you hush

Because when i’m on top I need to stay focused

Perform stunts and tricks

But sometimes the moment consumes me

So i fall and slip and struggle 

Guess i was in too deep

It was your turn to take control when i lost my grip

The huge waves tossed me side to side

And my board was too slippery to ride

You enjoyed dominating me 

And soon it started to rain

Scattered showers everywhere

The waves became rough

But my heart remained tough

As you roared and crashed me to the shore

And left my board in pieces 

I just couldn’t take no more

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