The Moment

The moment our eyes locked,destiny was sealed and delivered

True love was birthed by the hands of time

And was raised every second, minute and hour

Only to be devoured by our poetic auras

Because for so long we’ve been starving of each other

Each moment fed the other

And the love tasted better with every kiss

The bond grew stronger with every hug

The positivity was cherished

And the negativity perished

A wave of emotions swept us away

And we drowned in a pool of time

The world froze in admiration

The stars gazed in awe

The moon elevated our spirits even more

She never saw a love so pure

With our souls searching for romance

All it took was a stare, a glance, a chance

A touch, a simple hello for love to crawl near

Every moment we share we hunt the treasures of our mind

So many golden poems you will find

Wish time could rewind

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