The hiker

I’m a hiker but not for nothing

my whole life is an adventure

and i became a story teller

for beginners who want to be one with nature

i’m a survivor, under the rain and sun

i’m born again, spiritually i’m not the same

finding peace from viewing mountain tops and roaring seas

climbing rocks and feeling the gentle breeze

even just chilling under tall trees

i’m a hiker but not for nothing

every journey is to discover something

about nature and about myself

to build character and maintain my health

every river i fall into purifies my soul

and in the middle of nowhere

i forget a place called home


6 thoughts on “The hiker

  1. It’s wonderful to experience vicariously the joy others find in hiking are similar to mine. There is no greater joy that putting one foot in front of the others out in nature.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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