This Scar

This scar represents who I am

It never leaves me, it is always loyal to me

The reflection of it resurrects the pain of the past

The tears and blood from that day, play out so fast

This scar puts me in a shell

I could be angry as hell

But still couldn’t yell

This scar is a secret i promised to never tell

Years passed and I could hide it in broad daylight

In plain sight, yet my mind didn’t feel right

My self esteem lost the fist fight

With a scar i couldn’t accept

But made me super bright

And transformed my heart with love

Even though i was bleeding on the inside

Still hurting, still worrying, still struggling

With myself identity

I blossomed to a good person

Quiet,respectful and humble

But some days I still stumble

When lack of confidence is hungry

But today i thank this scar 

It brought me my soulmate

On a silver platter

And now it doesn’t even matter

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