The Butterfly Effect

Last year I was a caterpillar,crawling my way up the tree life.

My great pillar, a place I will cherish forever.

Every branch was a hand reaching out to me, a hand that 

Trusted my soft skin and appearance.

One day I observed the beautiful world that existed outside my home.

The creatures that seemed so free and the trees that were taller than mine. I wanted to be apart of that world. I wasn’t satisfied with my life.

I wanted a change.

My only  job was to eat to survive, to become fatter than the birds that consume my own kind. So I did so, I smiled at the leaves that sheltered me and ate them. I exploited the tree of life for my own benefit.

The time came when I evolved into a cocoon of emotions. I eventually blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. My presence paused the world for a moment,every creature admired my beauty,every flower wanted to kiss me. I never felt this way before. I was high on confidence as I flew pass the green pastures. I was the best tattoo the world ever produced.

Finally I was happy with my life. I was free, i could go wherever my wings wanted me too. Then something struck me like lightning.  I was trying to fly as high and fast as possible, when an eagle came like a jet and flew over my head. I was astonished, I never saw anything like that before. He was better than me in so many ways. I admired and envied him.

Just when I thought my change was the best I could achieve,that eagle proved me wrong. Once again i wasn’t satisfied and life didn’t allow more changes for me.


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